Our Curriculum

Our curriculum at Kigwa Ridge School is designed to provide early childhood developmental experiences alongside a well-rounded education for all students. 


We are committed to providing a high quality relevant curriculum that meaningfully integrates the learning and diverse needs of all the enrolled students.


Our curriculum incorporates the Early Years Foundation (EYFS) from the British National Curriculum as well as the Montessori Method of education. Our curriculum with consists of the Early learning goals consisting of the six learning areas: 

Personal, social and emotional development

  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem, developing character, growing child’s disposition and attitude, making relationships, self-care, behavior and self-control, sense of community

Creative development

  • Being creative, responding to experiences, expressing and communicating ideas, exploring media and materials, creating music and dance, developing imagination and imaginative play

Physical development

  • Understanding movement and space, health and bodily awareness, using equipment and materials

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Opportunities to explore and investigate, design and create things, acquire skills in Information Technology (IT), recognize events and times in their day to day life and embracing differences and communities.

Numeracy and mathematical development

  • Problem solving and reasoning, numbers as labels for counting, calculating, making comparisons, recognizing shapes and patterns in pictures, categorize and organize objects
  • Communication, language and literacy Learn new words and use them to communicate, use language for thinking and share experiences. Link and distinguish sounds and letters. Introduction to reading through stories, rhymes, songs. Distinguish between different marks they make and handwriting by the use of writing tools and equipment to form letters or make marks.

Our program includes health and safety, multicultural activities, fieldtrips and activities designed to encourage and enhance social and emotional development including self-help skills in each child. We have a balance of large motor and small motor activities. A balance of child-initiated and teacher initiated activity is provided. Outdoor play and activities is an important part of our program.