Frequently Asked Questions

"It's not so much what is poured into your child but what is planted that really matters". Author Unknown

The Kigwa Ridge School Curriculum incorporates the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS) from the British Curriculum as well as the Montessori Method of Education.


This is a very significant stage that prepares your child from birth to the age of 5 years in a happy, stimulating and vibrant learning environment towards developing their aptitudes, skills, talents, interests and personality for successful future learning in school. The EYFS Framework guides and supports all professionals working with children in the Early Years.

The EYFS Framework was developed by several professionals and parents to support an integrated approach towards the learning and care of children in the Early Years. It sets out the legal welfare requirements which everyone working with children ought to observe in order to keep children safe and healthy. It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver high quality early education and meaningful childcare experiences for your child/ren. The framework also sets out the key areas of learning and development as well as guidelines to assess, monitor and evaluate the academic and overall progress of your child.

The Montessori Method is a learning approach that was formulated by an Italian teacher and physician, Maria Montessori. The key principles are children’s active learning, independence and cooperation with a goal to match the learning experience and environment with each child’s unique  pace of development. This approach is holistic in that it emphasizes all aspects of development based on a child’s curiosity , inquisitive nature and motivation to learn. It stimulates and inspires children towards a love of learning whilst developing their self-confidence and critical thinking.

Your child will mostly be taught through play and learning experiences designed , guided and supported by the teachers with innovative activities and games in friendly , relaxed , interactive ,safe, clean, orderly and natural learning spaces. The learning program includes health and safety, outdoor play, multicultural activities, fieldtrips and extra-curricular activities programmed to encourage the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional , social, psychological and spiritual development including self-help skills in each child. We have a balance of large and small motor activities and of child-initiated and teacher-initiated activities within the areas of learning. School -home communication and termly parent-teacher meetings are absolutely vital to review , discuss, ensure and maintain the best outcomes and a most holistic educational experience for your child/ren.

The areas of learning at Kigwa Ridge School are based on the early learning goals which are :

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Creative development (expressive arts and design)
  • Physical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Numeracy and mathematical development
  • Communication, language and literacy

Your child’s progress and development will be informed, recorded and reviewed in reference to the EYFS Framework and Learning Goals based on daily observations , classwork, independent and group play, everyday routines ,indoor and outdoor activities. Your child’s personality , interests and learning styles are very important and are key to ensuring that all children flourish and achieve their full potential in a happy environment and positive family-like space. Parents may if they so wish make an appointment at the office to discuss their children’s progress with their class teacher. Your child will not be tested and progress will be reviewed when they are between 2 and 3 by the class teacher and will be assessed at the end of the school year when they turn 5 years.

Kigwa Ridge School takes the health and safety of your child very seriously. Towards this end , we have in place highly reputable qualified security guards, 24 Hr CCTV surveillance and very safe, clean, orderly and child-friendly play areas and classrooms. Only authorized persons can pick up your child/ren as you will have already provided full details of this information to the school. If there is someone other than the authorized person that will pick up your child, you are kindly requested and required to either inform the duty teacher in the morning or give the “ collector” an authorization note signed by the parent or guardian. In addition, we ardently urge all parents and drivers  to be extremely careful when dropping off their children and for extra precaution your child can remain in the car and be collected by the teacher or minder on duty. Should the need ever arise, First Aid is ready at hand for minor injuries and in case of a more serious incident there are nearby health facilities to include : Ridgeway’s Clinic, Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Muthaiga and Aga Khan. Visitors are not allowed to go directly to any classroom and must first go to the school office.

Kigwa Ridge School prepares a nutritious menu with very healthy and tasty meals and snacks prepared in- house daily and overseen by highly qualified cooks . All your child’s dietary exceptions and preferences are fully addressed and catered for and the meals include a morning snack and lunch.

Kigwa Ridge School is founded, grounded and guided by Christian principles and we take great pride in nurturing the spiritual and moral development of every child in a community value-based spirit towards a brilliant , fulfilling, happy, respectful and responsible future. We are open to admit children of other faiths based on the universal principles of inclusion, tolerance and shared human values of the unique dignity of every child and the GOD-given integrity of every person.