Child Safety & Security

Kigwa Ridge School cares for your child's security. We have employed various measures to ensure security, which include among many other this, reputable security guards, 24hr CCTV surveillance, and safe play areas.

Here are some of the measures taken to bloster a safe environment for your children:


AUTHORIZED PERSONS (to pick up your child/ren)

You are required to provide details of the person/s authorized to collect your child on the application form. Kindly reconfirm these details with the teacher/minder to who you hand over your child. If you are sending someone other than the usual authorized person to pick up your child, you must either inform the duty teacher in the morning or send the “collector” with an authorization note signed by the parent/guardian.


We urge all parents, drivers, nannies to be extremely cautious when dropping off their children. Ensure you keep hold of your child in the parking area and drive very carefully. Students can remain in the car and be collected from the car by the teacher/minder on duty.


Whilst every care is taken of the children, accidents do happen. In the event of minor injuries first aid will be administered at the school. In the event a more serious incident, the child will be taken to the nearest facility: Aga Khan, Ridgeways Clinic or Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Muthaiga.


Parent - teacher meetings are held at the end of every term to discuss your child’s progress. Parents who wish to check on their child’s progress should make an appointment with the class teacher in advance through the office and a convenient time will be arranged.

ALL visitors (including parents) must pass through the office and NOT go directly to the classrooms. Please follow these directions as they are put in place for the security of the children.


At Kigwa Ridge School, school-home communication and vice-versa is very important to us.  We will communicate with you on a regular basis through newsletters detailing important activities and events. These will be sent with your child or on email. Each student has a diary which can be used to communicate with the class teacher or school.


The school office must have your updated current address and telephone numbers for your child. We all require additional contacts if we are unable to reach parents in case of an emergency. Please notify the school of your new address in writing.