Foundation Stage 3 (FS3)

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Nurturing Curiosity and Growth: Foundation Stage 3 at Kigwa Ridge School

At Kigwa Ridge School, we understand the importance of the preschool years in shaping a child's love for learning. Our Foundation Stage 3 (FS3) program, meticulously designed for children aged between 4 and a half and 5 years, offers the perfect stepping stone for a successful academic journey.

A Holistic Approach Rooted in the British EYFS

Our FS3 curriculum is built upon the firm foundation of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. This framework emphasizes a holistic approach to learning, fostering development in all areas crucial for a young child's growth. This includes:

  • Communication and Language: Building confidence in expressing themselves clearly and listening attentively.

  • Physical Development: Encouraging healthy movement, coordination, and understanding of the importance of physical activity.

  • Personal, Social, and Emotional Development: Developing a positive self-image, forming solid relationships, and managing emotions effectively.

  • Literacy Development: Sparking a love for books, exploring sounds and letters, and preparing for early reading skills.

  • Mathematical Development: Building a solid foundation in counting, sorting, and understanding basic mathematical concepts.

  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World: Exploring the world around them through discovery and fostering a sense of wonder.

Preparing for a Smooth Transition to Key Stage 1

We recognize that children entering FS3 are on the cusp of a significant milestone – joining Key Stage 1. Our dedicated teachers ensure a seamless transition by:

  • Building Confidence and Independence: Encouraging children to take ownership of their learning and approach challenges with a growth mindset.

  • Developing Essential Skills: Sharpening focus, concentration, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for a more structured learning environment.

  • Fostering a Love for Learning: Creating a stimulating and fun learning environment where children can explore, experiment, and discover the joy of acquiring new knowledge.

Beyond the Curriculum: A Safe and Supportive Environment

At Kigwa Ridge School, the learning environment is vital to a child's development. We offer a serene and secure space that feels like a home away from home for your little learner. Our qualified teachers are passionate about early childhood education and create a nurturing atmosphere that allows each child to blossom at their own pace. Complementing our teachers is a dedicated team of support staff who ensure every child's needs are met with care and attention.

Launch Your Child into a World of Learning

Upon completion of FS3, your child will graduate from Kindergarten fully prepared for any curriculum they choose to pursue. We equip them with the foundational skills, confidence, and love for learning that will propel them towards academic success.

Join the Kigwa Ridge Family

At Kigwa Ridge School, we pride ourselves on being the best school to guide your child through this crucial preschool stage. We are confident that our FS3 program will provide the perfect launchpad for your child's educational journey. Contact us today to learn how Kigwa Ridge School can nurture your child's curiosity and set them on a lifelong love of learning.